Private Wealth Management and Family-Office Services

In cooperation with its subsidiary Magenhouse FTC Capital serves wealthy private clients, families and their companies with a broad range of family office services. These include strategic structuring of complex assets, portfolio management, advisory services including monitoring of financial service providers and comprehensive consulting services.


Partnership, reliability
and utmost confidentiality

Our relationship with our clients is a close partnership in which trust is the central driving force behind our clients' success. We are aware that trust always has to be be earned. As a family office, we therefore always act in close consultation with the family's decision-makers. Agreements made with us are always of the highest reliability, and we naturally treat information with the utmost care and discretion.


Wealth Management –
thinking out of the box

Just buying and holding financial instruments is not a sufficient way to reconcile investment objectives with risk considerations in a world of extremely low interest rates. In traditional portfolio management based on interest rate instruments, equities and derivatives, various quantitative models are used to meet this challenge. To further improve diversification, asset classes with  low correlation to stock markets are considered. These include private investments and loans, real estate and other tangible assets such as art, antiques, luxury watches or precious metals.

In close cooperation with the client (the decision-making center of the family, or the family business), a profile of wealth management requirements is drawn up. This is based on an analysis of the current structure, the risk profile and the future investment objectives. The profile might include a future optimized structure of the estate as well as the desired allocation to the different asset classes and currencies. The family office will subsequently support the client in realizing the jointly defined profile, drawing on numerous contacts with first-class banks and asset managers.

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