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Information for institutional (professional) investors and qualified private investors* in Austria (according to §2 (1) AIFMG.

*A "qualified private investor" is by definition an investor,

  1. who confirms by signing a document, that he/she is aware of the risks related to the intended investment and presents correct information, that he/she owns unencumbered bank balances and financial instruments according to § 1 Z 7 WAG 2018 at least in the amount of EUR 250 000;
  2. (...)
  3. (...)
  4. Who undertakes to invest at least EUR 10,000.- in an AIF, unless it is an AIFaccording to § 48 Abs. 1 Z 1 - 4 or § 49 Abs. 1 Z 3 lit. a - c;
  5. who will enter into the investment for the purpose of diversifying and spreading the risk of his existing asset investment.


Information for private investors ("retail-clients").

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