FTC Generation Fund

Rethinking asset management

Since the 1980s, investors have experienced more than three decades of falling interest rates. This was accompanied by rising bond prices and the longest, only temporarily interrupted economic upward cycle since World War II. Holding the traditional portfolio of low-risk government bonds and broadly diversified equities was the superior strategy during this period for preserving capital while growing it. This cycle has come to an end in view of increasingly negative real bond yields in the investment grade segment and the risk of a central bank-driven equity bubble. We therefore need to adapt to a new type of environment in which familiar investment strategies will work no more - possibly for a very long time. The FTC Generation Fund offers a response to this challenge.


Multi-Asset, Multi-Strategy

The portfolio of this Liechtenstein-domiciled AIF may invest in all liquid asset classes like stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. For additional diversification we apply several quantitative, systematic trading strategies - especially in the managed futures segment and in volatility trading - as well as a discretionary global macro approach based on fundamentals. In combination we aim to achieve a profile that generates positive returns in many different market environments. Objective is a superior risk/return ratio over the long term as measured against traditional equity and bond portfolios. Since even such a broad-based investment approach cannot avoid losses in each and every possible scenario, investors must also be prepared to accept interim losses.


Wealth management with a long-term perspective

The FTC Generation Fund is designed for investors with a long-term investment horizon who seek to preserve wealth, potentially across generations, and expect real capital growth over time while accepting potential interim drawdowns.



Price & Performance

FTC Generation Fund (EUR I)

FTC Generation Fund

ISIN: LI0583477273

as at 11.06.2024

1111,28 €

Compared to the last NAV

0,71 %


-0,13 %

Year to Date

6,64 %

1 Year

7,13 %

3 Years


Inception to Date

11,13 %

FTC Generation Fund (USD I)
FTC Generation Fund (R)

Marketing communication. Performance data was calculated according to the OeKB method. Performance data takes the management fee into account. The front load of up to 3% in the share class EUR-R that may be payable on purchase, depending on the distribution channel, as well as any individual transaction-related or ongoing income-reducing costs (e.g. account and custody account fees) are not included in the presentation. Past performance is no reliable indicator for future results.

Class USD-I: Performance might be effected by currency rate changes (from the perspective of an investor whose calculation currency is non-dollar).

Investment Information

The FTC GENERATION FUND may only be distributed as follows:
Austria: professional clients and qualified private investors pursuant to § 2 (1) Z. 42 AIFMG;
Germany: professional clients and semi-professional clients;
Liechtenstein: both retail clients and professional clients;
Information on this page is therefore not directed at persons who do not meet those requirements.

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Weekly (Tuesdays)

EUR-I (LI0583477273 / FTCGEUI LE)
USD-I (LI0598650872 / FTCGUSI LE)
EUR-R (LI0583490342 / FTCGEUR LE)


100.000,- (EUR-I, USD-I)
10.000,- (EUR-R)